05/05/2013 19:09 EDT | Updated 07/05/2013 05:12 EDT

B.C. Liberals say RESP plan puts 'families first'

B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark worked on selling her "families first" agenda as she visited a family in East Vancouver on Sunday.

Clark emphasized the party’s promise to include a post-secondary grant that will deposit $1,200 into RESP accounts when children turn six.

She also attacked the NDP for proposing to get rid of the program, which was included in the Liberals’ budget in February.

On Sunday, she said the Liberal promise to deposit funds into the Registered Education Savings Programs accounts, also known as RESPs, clearly distinguishes the party from the B.C. NDP.

"We believe in families, we believe parents can make the best decisions for their children," Clark said.

"The NDP believe they can make better decisions for your money, with your children's money, than you can."

Last month, Dix had said an NDP government would redirect the RESP fund into an Early Years Innovation Fund for early childhood education, but he was short on details for the program when questioned by reporters.

Clark spent Sunday afternoon in her Vancouver-Point Grey riding, her fourth visit to the area since the campaign began three weeks ago.