05/06/2013 01:14 EDT

Canucks Fan Pizza Receipt Shows Infinite Team Loyalty

A Vancouver Canucks fan put team loyalty before his growling stomach last Friday when he refused to pick up his large pie so that he could catch the end of a game.

A receipt posted to Reddit by user BrandiBean on Saturday showed that a Canucks fan cancelled a pickup while the team was tied 2-2 in Game 2 with the San Jose Sharks.

The receipt read, "Customer cancelled pick-up... RESENDING AS DELIVERY... canucks have tied game, cannot leave house to pick-up."

Sadly, the loyal fan's waiting was all for naught. The Sharks won in overtime on a goal by former Canucks forward Raffi Torres.

Reddit user resjudicata88 noted, "If that receipt is from today, then the time between the game getting tied and the time between the Canucks losing in overtime was <20 minutes. This pizza was eaten in between sobs of defeat."

Those sobs have likely turned to blubbering as the Canucks were downed 5-2 in Game 3 on Sunday night, giving the Sharks a 3-0 series lead with the potential to knock their opponents out of the playoffs on Tuesday.

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