05/06/2013 04:36 EDT | Updated 07/06/2013 05:12 EDT

Quebec injects $1.3B in Montreal roadwork

Quebec announced today it will be investing over $1.3 billion in roadwork for the city of Montreal over the next two years.

The Minister responsible for Montreal, Jean-François Lisée unveiled the new funding on Monday, which will go towards repairs and maintenance from the western tip of the island to Anjou.

Most of the money will go towards repairing current infrastructure under the province’s jurisdiction.

Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum said the City is working with the province to ensure traffic woes are kept to a minimum.

"There will be delays and some congestion, but at the same time we're talking about major investment for the city of Montreal. That is extremely important."

Lisée said the new funding shows the Parti Québécois government’s commitment to public infrastructure.

“The economic vitality of Montreal largely depends on the efficiency of its transportation networks,” he said in a statement.

Some noteworthy structures that will be the focus of funding include major work on the Dorval Circle and the Décarie Interchange, as well as repair and maintenance of the the Turcot Interchange until it is replaced.

Lisée also said the government will ensure the companies that win the bids for the roadwork are not involved in collusion.

Interactive Map: Montreal's roadwork plans

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