05/06/2013 02:44 EDT | Updated 05/06/2013 02:47 EDT

Teak, Vancouver Police Dog Stabbed During Robbery Enters Purina Hall Of Fame


A Vancouver police dog that battled an armed robber, and a border collie from Trail that warded off a cougar are both are being inducted into a hall of fame for canine heroism.

Vancouver police dog Teak received the Service Dog of the Year Award at the 2013 Purina Hall of Fame awards ceremony on Monday after his efforts to track down an armed robber left him in hospital with several stab wounds, said a news release.

The eight-year-old German Shepherd and his partner Constable Derrick Gibson responded to a call about a robbery last January. Teak chased the suspect through an area that was busy with shoppers before bringing him to the ground.

The suspect slashed Teak in the neck several times before Gibson caught up to him. The suspect only stopped when several officers intervened and made him drop the knife.

Teak had two surgeries and has healed from almost all his sounds, said a news release.

Gibson said that Teak was a true hero on the night of the robbery after saving the lives of several civilians. The police dog has since retired from duty and now lives in Chilliwack.

Meanwhile, Vicious, a border collie/labrador mix from Trail, was inducted into the hall of fame for defending her owner from a cougar when it entered her home.

Owner Angie Prime left a sliding door open on a warm night last August when a cougar came in and pounced on her.

Vicious threw herself at the cougar from across the room, chasing it out of the house before returning unharmed.

Conservation officers who tracked the animal said that Prime was lucky to be alive, and that she would have met with a different fate if Vicious hadn't been there for her, said a news release.

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