05/07/2013 06:22 EDT | Updated 05/07/2013 06:24 EDT

Chill To Win Is Tim Hortons' New (Lamer) Roll Up The Rim To Win

CNW Group/Tim Hortons

Move over Roll Up The Rim, there is a new Tim Hortons contest in town.

Chill to Win appears to be Timmies' answer to shoring up revenue this summer season. Instead of coffee, the new contest pushes Ice Cappuccinos.

I can see the meeting now.

"People just don't buy as many hot drinks when it's hot out. What are we going to do?"

"Well, why don't we just do Roll Up The Rim again? Except with Ice Capps?"


The Ice Capp angle isn't the only thing different from Roll Up The Rim though. Unlike its 26-year-old elder brother, Chill to Win requires customers to peel off a tab on the side of their beverage and then enter a PIN code online.

I can see the meeting for this too.

"Roll Up The Rim is great, but with this new contest it would be really great if we could cut costs a bit."

"Why don't we make them enter online? Nobody will do it."


The prizes for Chill to Win are also less glamorous than those for Roll Up The Rim. Not that it will matter much since almost nobody will bother to enter their PIN online.

There will be a daily draw for $1,000 and 10 draws for $10,000 pre-paid credit cards from Mastercard. Those prizes pale in comparison to the offerings for Roll Up The Rim, which included 40 Toyoto SUVs earlier this year.

If you do make the effort to enter online, make sure to keep track of the size of your drink and whether you won. Two totally unscientific surveys (here and here) conducted by HuffPost Canada on Roll Up The Rim found the contest favours those who buy larger beverages (you can see the results in the slideshow below).

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