05/07/2013 11:15 EDT | Updated 05/15/2013 05:27 EDT

Lights, 'Siberia Acoustic': Behind The Scenes With Arkells' Max Kerman (VIDEO)

Electro-pop star Lights had been progressively amping up the electro part, culminating in "Siberia," her gold-selling, album-length collaboration with live electronic act Holy Fuck. But her new release, "Siberia Acoustic," takes the pixie-sized singer in an entirely different direction.

As Lights explained in a recent Huffington Post blog, this acoustic album is what she hopes she'll "get to play at the end of the world."

To achieve this, Lights enlisted Coeur de Pirate, Owl City and Max Kerman from The Arkells to help sing on the album, which this time she self-produced. Coincidentally, we've got an intimate behind-the-scenes clip of Lights and Kerman working on their version of "Siberia's" title track in the studio.

"Max is a blast, such a natural performer," Lights tells HuffPost Canada Music. "We pretty much worked out our parts and recorded the track all live off the floor. There were jokes and looks all the way through it. Those details make this feel so far from work."

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