05/07/2013 07:08 EDT | Updated 05/08/2013 06:07 EDT

Montreal By Winter: Stephane Hoareau's Time-Lapse Shows Off One Cool-Looking City (VIDEO)

Montreal's one cool city, but just how cool can depend on the time of the year.

Now that May is in full swing, it's only a matter of time before one of Quebec's most visited cities starts welcoming travellers with its festivals celebrating music and laughs. But it wasn't long ago that locals had to deal with snowfall and subzero temperatures. The good news is that whether it's summer, winter or some strange mish-mash of the two seasons, Quebec comes out looking great and here's the video that proves it.

L'hiver a Montreal, or "Montreal By Winter" is a time-lapse which captures the city's "real beauty, dynamic life, and its special charm that makes you forget the few degrees below zero," according to Stephane Hoareau, who directed and produced the video. Mobile readers can watch it here.

The time-lapse is just under 90 seconds but packs in different shots of Montreal during the summer and winter, highlighting the snow but also the city's vibrancy as locals mingle during the Winter Carnival at night and dog-sled through parks in the morning. To see what else Hoareau and his company have filmed, check out the video above.

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