05/07/2013 22:06 EDT | Updated 07/07/2013 05:12 EDT

Mother of accused killer breaks down in court

The first-degree murder trial of Adele Sorella will continue on Wednesday following an emotional day of testimony.

Sorella is accused of killing her two daughters at the family's home in Laval, just over four years ago.

The last witness to testify before Tuesday’s break was Sorella’s mother, Theresa Di Cesare.

Di Cesare, who had come to live with the family in their Laval home, was the one who discovered her granddaughters’ bodies on the day they were killed.

During several points of her testimony Di Cesare broke down.

She told jurors that she didn't want to relive the events surrounding her granddaughters’ deaths.

After Di Cesare’s testimony, jurors went for their afternoon break.

But that break turned into the jury being sent home early, following legal arguments between the lawyers and the judge.

The nature of that discussion cannot be reported.