05/07/2013 07:30 EDT | Updated 07/07/2013 05:12 EDT

Todd Hauptman Resigns: Twitter Reactions


B.C. Liberal staffer Todd Hauptman has quit the party over gay rights issues, leaving Langley incumbent Mary Polak without a campaign manager one week before the province's election.

"I simply cannot in good conscience support a campaign made-up of people who think of me as less of a person because I am gay," wrote Hauptman in a letter addressed to "my fellow British Columbians" on Tuesday.

Twitter users quickly applauded Hauptman's decision.

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Todd Hauptman Resigns: Twitter Reacts

"Good on Todd Hauptman for standing up for what he believes," tweeted user @srobarts.

Polak learned of the resignation through media reports and responded with allegations that Hauptman shared sensitive party information with a NDP campaigner.

"It came to my attention that he had a very close friendship with an individual who is involved on the campaign of my NDP competitor here," Polak said to CKNW in an interview.

Twitter user @kevingharding reacted to Polak's allegations by calling out the high-profile candidate of side-stepping gay rights issues.

"Rather than addressing Todd Hauptman's concerns over homophobia in Mary Polak's campaign, Polak accuses him of spying for NDP," said Twitter user Kevin Harding.

Polak's deputy campaign manager Derek Robertson has assumed Hauptman's role, reports The Vancouver Sun.