05/08/2013 10:47 EDT | Updated 07/08/2013 05:12 EDT

Baby App Created By Saskatoon Nurses Tracks Baby's Feedings, Diaper Changes

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SASKATOON - It won't change a baby's diaper, but it will tell parents when the last change happened.

Two Saskatoon registered nurses, Cindy Leclerc and Jana Stockham, have created an app to help parents get through the first months with their newborns.

NuuNest allows parents to input data after every feeding and diaper change and provides daily tips on infant care.

Leclerc and Stockham decided to create the app after parents told them they wished all the information they got after a baby's birth could be on a phone, instead of on paper.

They drew up sketches of how they wanted the app to look and with help of Saskatoon company, College Mobile, they created the app.

Saskatoon mom Meagan Hinther downloaded the app about a week ago and so far loves the results.

"You know vaguely how many times you're breastfeeding him or how many diapers they have ... but it's great to have it tracked in an app," Hinther said.

Before this app, Hinther said she was trying to keep track of all that information for her four-month-old son, Ian, on bits of paper. Now, she simply picks up her iPhone.

"I'm feeding about 12 times a day, so I'm probably inputting about 20 times a day into the app," she said.

She said having accurate data to give her doctor and getting advice and answers to her questions is valuable. She only wishes this app had been around sooner.

"I'm telling my friends that are due in the next few months about this app," Hinther said.

Leclerc said in addition to tracking feeds and diapers, the app also gives mom a lot of advice.

"For instance, on the first day of life, (the tip is) that baby may be sleepy, but to try to have baby skin-to-skin and try to wake baby gently for feeds."

Leclerc said the app takes the guesswork out of knowing what information on newborn care is reliable.

"Parents don't know what information to trust, they Google it and they're not sure if they have the correct information. So, we've made an attempt to give them information with links to trusted sources," Leclerc said.


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