05/08/2013 12:19 EDT | Updated 05/08/2013 12:36 EDT

Calgary Prosperity Second To Paris In Toronto Board Of Trade Scorecard


Calgary is climbing the ladder in prosperity ranking, currently sitting in second place behind Paris, according to the Toronto Board of Trade's annual Scorecard on Prosperity.

The scorecard examines the economies and labour attractiveness of 24 global metropolitan areas, including New York, Tokyo and London.

Calgary scored third in the world in 2011, slipped to fourth place in 2012, but was able to climb past London and into second spot in the 2013 report.

"Good, but not spectacular, results on both the Economy and Labour Attactiveness combine to lift Calgary past London,” the report states.

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Scoreboard On Prosperity

“Calgary’s consistent economic performance keeps it near the top on many indicators, with best results on income growth, where it outperforms all 24 metros, and on employment growth, where it is second, behind the rapidly-growing Shanghai economy."

Calgary also grabs top spot in the "Human Capital" category, edging out San Francisco due to "robust employment."

Calgary ranks sixth overall in "Labour Attractiveness," but earns high marks for the low crime rate, relatively low commuting times and young working population.

"Calgary, while growing faster than any other metro in the 2006-2011 period, remains a livable and attractive metro region,” the report says.

Data in the scorecard is used to rank Toronto against major cities, with emphasis on employment, diversity, health and safety and education.

Calgary outperformed other Canadian cities, as well. In the overall rankings, Toronto placed sixth; Vancouver 14th; Montreal 17th; and Halifax 18th.