05/08/2013 01:44 EDT | Updated 05/08/2013 04:44 EDT

James Allan Carlson Teen Sex Extortion Trial: Security Guard's Alleged Victim Addresses Edmonton Court


A teen went from being the perpetrator to being a sex assault victim after she was caught shoplifting and was asked for sex in exchange for her freedom, an Edmonton court was told Tuesday.

James Allan Carlson, 37 and a Safeway loss prevention officer, stands accused of extortion, sexual counsel of a child, sexual assault, unlawful confinement, sexual contact with a child, kidnapping and procuring a youth for sex, after he caught the alleged victim, who was 15 at the time, and a friend, shoplifting chocolate bars and tampons from the Westmount Safeway, the Edmonton Journal reported.

The trial heard that upon discovering the thefts, Carlson had the two girls empty their bags, segregated them in two different rooms at the back of the store and attempted to extort sex favours from the girl at the centre of the trial, according to the Journal.

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The Faces Of Sex Trafficking

While on the stand, the alleged victim, who is now 17, recalled being scared, tearful and alleged Carlson said he was open to making a deal to have the matter go away but that it had to be worth his while, the Journal added.

The claimant said her friend was released when that girl's father arrived at the store but that she was taken out behind the business and told to sit in Carlson's parked car, the Edmonton Sun reported.

There, he allegedly rubbed the inside of the girl's thigh, repeatedly asked her for oral sex, suggested they should sleep together and eventually let her go when she agreed to expose her breasts. At one point, Carlson allegedly said he would settle for the teen washing his car naked, the Sun reported.

The complainant never reported the alleged crime to police. Instead, she confided on a friend, who told her parents, who in turn told the alleged victim's parents.

According to an earlier report from the Journal, no charges were laid against the complainant because, according to Carlson, who denies any sexual contact or extortion, he was afraid for the girl and of how her father would react upon finding out about the shoplifting.

Carlson is expected to take the stand in his own defence later in the trial.