05/08/2013 10:16 EDT | Updated 07/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Liberals Ask PQ To Fire Attaché Over 'Crazy Anglo' Comment

The Quebec Liberal party says Language Minister Diane de Courcy should fire one of her advisors because of comments he made in two articles last year.

Akos Verboczy, a political attaché for the minister, has written several pieces for Metro newspaper.

In one article called “Il sont fous ces Anglos” (These Anglos are Crazy), Verboczy writes in French that anglophones are “not as raving mad as the infamous Richard Bain, but they do have a sort of slight paranoid-obsessive reaction when it comes to Quebec issues.”

Diane de Courcy says the piece was not meant to be taken seriously and she accuses the Liberals of trying to distract Quebecers from more serious matters.

But Liberal critic Geoffrey Kelley said given Verboczy’s current position, his views cannot be tolerated.

“He should be fired, because we are dealing with issues that are very sensitive,” Kelley said.

He pointed out that Verboczy sat in on all the public hearings on Bill 14.

“If this article reveals his attitude towards the English-speaking community we will never get to some kind of consensus that can bring Quebecers together,” Kelley said.

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