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Amazing Race Canada In Calgary Streets And Bars Filming Upcoming Series

ExactET via Twitter

As the gateway to the Rockies and the third largest municipality in the country, it was only a matter of time before the Amazing Race Canada made its way to Calgary.

And, as it has in Niagara Falls, Toronto and Vancouver, the arrival and progress of the teams as they make their way across the Great White North was tracked enthusiastically on social media, when the Canadian edition of the popular television show arrived in Calgary on Wednesday.

For many, watching the contestants slug their way through Cowtown, or spotting one of the famous race flags or boxes, was worth shouting on the Internet for.

Contestants, flags or crews for the show were reportedly spotted in downtown Calgary, at the Calgary International Airport and at the iconic western nightclub, Ranchman's.

For some who watched the havoc make its way across the city, part of a the magic surrounding the making of the show seemed to lose a bit of its luster.

And in the same vein, others gained a whole new respect for those who bring the show to life each week.

Competitors in the first ever Canada-only edition of the popular reality television show are competing for $250,000, two Chevrolet Stingrays and free travel (up to 10 trips) on Air Canada for a year, in executive first class.

Teams will also be competing for special pit stop prizes with details to be announced in the coming weeks.

The Amazing Race Canada premieres on July 15 on CTV.

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