05/09/2013 10:54 EDT | Updated 05/10/2013 01:00 EDT

Elisha Cuthbert Eye-Roll Caught On Video At Leafs-Bruins Game

There's nothing we like better than a good eye roll. And at last night's Game 4 of the Leafs-Bruins playoff series, TV star Elisha Cuthbert didn't disappoint.

The 'Happy Endings' actor was in Toronto Wednesday to support fiance and Toronto Maple Leaf Dion Phaneuf as his team took on the Boston Bruins in the NHL Eastern Conference quarter-finals. Just a few moments after Boston Bruins centre David Krejci scored the game-winning overtime goal against the Leafs (set up by an unfortunate error on Phaneuf's part), the eye-roll heard around the hockey world occurred.

April Reimer, wife of Leafs goalie James Reimer, turned in the stands and shot a sharp look seemingly in Cuthbert's direction, to which Cuthbert replied with a full and proper eye-roll. The whole thing was caught on video. Was it a stink-eye showdown? Were the hockey (almost) wives about to go at it in the stands? The Twitterverse was alight with speculation!

Luckily, Reimer set things straight pretty quickly:

For those who were thinkin @happyelishas and I were rolling our eyes @ eachother. Was the jerk beside us #rudecomment

And Cuthbert was not particularly impressed at all the comments from the Twitter peanut gallery:

Things are not always what they seem. I'm insulted and disappointed by a lot of these Comments. That's real. Not a 3 sec. Clip.

Hey, if the Leafs don't make it past game five on May 10, there's gonna be a whole lot more than just eye-rolling happening in Toronto.

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