05/09/2013 11:12 EDT | Updated 05/09/2013 11:14 EDT

Flight Attendant Uniforms: Vivienne Westwood, Porter, Christian Lacroix Make Flying Chic Again (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Haute couture may soon have a new meaning.

Renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood recently announced her involvement in redesigning the cabin crew uniforms for Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

The futuristic uniforms will remain red but will feature a more feminine hourglass silhouette for women with a tailored jacket featuring a cinched waist and a classic pencil skirt with a double pleated back. The men’s uniform will receive a more contemporary facelift in the form of a three-piece suit in burgundy wool with grey detailing.

Although we’re all excited to see Westwood’s designs come to life, this isn’t groundbreaking news in in-flight fashion.

Several airlines have already called on well-known designers to give their brands a bit of glam, including Canada’s very own Porter Airlines. We love the local boutique airline for their attention to detail but most of all, we love them for making flying chic again. That or the free booze, we’re not quite sure.

The Porter crew’s uniforms take us back to the 1960s with shift dresses and a modern take on the pillbox hat. If you haven’t already guessed, those uniforms weren’t churned out by Cintas but are carefully designed by Kimberly Newport Mimran of Canadian label, Pink Tartan.

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Stylish Airlines

Other airlines with style fit for the runway include Singapore Airlines, whose crew members sport an updated version of a uniform originally designed in 1964 by French designer, Pierre Balmain. Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific enlisted the help of Eddie Lau, Hong Kong’s top eveningwear designer to create updated looks that also reflect traditional wear.

Middle Eastern airlines are also uping the ante on cabin style. The crew of United Arab Emirates carrier, Etihad Airways, wear classic grey suits and dresses with pops of bright red that are designed by Italian couture designer, Ettore Bilotta.

But not even couture can save some airlines. The lucky flight attendants who worked for defunct Braniff Airlines could say they were outfitted by Italian designer, Emilio Pucci and at one point, Halston Heritage.

Korean Airlines also deck out their staff in designer duds, this time by Italian designer, Gianfranco Ferre.

We love pastels but the powder blue jacket paired with a white pencil skirt or pants remind us of grandma’s closet. Fashion fail?

And of course, we leave the best for last. Who embodies high style and fashion more than our friends in France? It’s practically a given that Air France would have to show us all up when it comes to flying in style.

The airline chose homegrown designer Christian Lacroix to do an overhaul of their uniforms in 2005. The best piece in the collection has to be the navy dress with a cinched waist, further accentuated by a red sash and a pastel blue scarf.

So Air Canada, here is our challenge for you to show the world who rules the air when it comes to style. Nudge nudge wink wink... Please choose Canadian designer Erdem. Don’t let us down!