05/09/2013 01:09 EDT | Updated 05/09/2013 01:10 EDT

Japanese Blogger Momo Reveals Shocking Side-By-Side Eye Makeup Photos


Thought the makeup in "Lord of the Rings" was good? Then you haven't met Japanese blogger Momo.

The 27-year-old cutie showed off her incredible makeup skills in her blog, showcasing half of her face without makeup and the other half with makeup.

The most astounding part of Momo's transformation is seen on her eyes. On the bare side of her face, Momo's eyes look like a typical young woman's but on the other side of her face, her eye resembles that of an anime character with an enlarged iris and thick lashes. (We think the blogger had a bit of help from circle contacts à la Lady Gaga.)

The side-by-side comparison is astounding to look at because her eyes look completely different. We want Momo to do a full makeover so we can see the complete effect!

A celebrity in her native Japan, Momo appeared on the reality TV show "Ainori," where men and women travel on a pink bus to explore tourist attractions with the singular goal to find love with another contestant on the show.

Momo's blog isn't just about makeup tips; she also logs her travels, food discoveries and even posts pics of her brushing her teeth.

What do you think of Momo's makeup?

Blogger's Shocking Eye Makeup Photos