05/09/2013 18:13 EDT | Updated 07/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Read the Senate expense audits and reports

A Senate committee looking into housing and living expense claims released reports on three senators Thursday, along with audits of the senators' expenses conducted by the accounting firm Deloitte and a list of recommendations for the Senate's travel policy.

The reports present findings by a subcommittee of the Senate's committee on internal economy that look at the travel and living expenses claimed by Senators Mac Harb, Patrick Brazeau and Mike Duffy, including examinations of their primary and secondary residences.

Harb and Brazeau were ordered to repay $51,000 and $48,000 respectively, while the reports noted Duffy had already repaid $90,000. All three face closer scrutiny of their expenses for the next year, and Harb will be audited going back a further seven years.

An audit of Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin is still underway.

Read, search or download the Senate reports and Deloitte audits below.