05/09/2013 11:49 EDT | Updated 05/10/2013 09:53 EDT

Spagging: The Food Meme We've Been Waiting For (PHOTOS)


Bye-bye duck faces and pouties, hello "spagging."

We came across Food Republic's hilarious find of Imgur user bustraintreearm spagging his Facebook friends.

Spagging, or photoshopping a bowl of spaghetti and noodles over your annoying Facebook's friends' faces, probably has to be our favourite food meme so far this year — and possibly the best way to illustrate our favourite scene from 'Lady and the Tramp'.

Posted earlier this week, the Imgur user's photos already has over 4,000 views and comments like, "It took me four pictures to actually realize the spaghetti wasn't real and make the connection between it and 'spagging'," and "THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can think of this now whenever I get so pissed off by those duck faces my friends make."

And if you're still not convinced how cool this is, just imagine how amazing spagging would look one of one these celeb duck faces.

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