05/10/2013 04:04 EDT

Alaskan Bald Eagle Party Broken Up By Police (VIDEO)

Breaking up parties is a pretty common task for most police officers. But what about a party made up of a couple dozen bald eagles?

Police in the town of Unalaska, Alaska, had to break up a gathering of birds earlier this week when they got attracted to garbage bags full of fish products left in the back of a truck.

“One of our officers went over there and there were 40 eagles sitting on, in and around several vehicles in the area,” public safety director Jamie Sunderland told radio station KUCB.

Jessica Earnshaw, whose car was parked next to the truck, told the station she was afraid of getting swarmed by the birds and tried scaring them away by turning on her car alarm. The police officer that arrived also scared away a few more birds by turning on his siren. The truck's owner was eventually able to get into his truck and drive away but not before the eagles devoured the leftover fish product.

Unalaska is no stranger to strange animal videos. In 2012, a video of an eagle, a fox and a bunch of cats hanging out on a local resident's porch made headlines.

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