05/10/2013 12:22 EDT | Updated 07/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Nordegg Wildfire Contained, Residents Remain On One-Hour Evacuation Notice

Clearwater County

A wildfire threatening the town of Nordegg has been contained and firefighters are preparing an aggressive assault to snuff out the remaining flames.

"We're cautiously optimistic with regard to the day," said Ron Leaf, chief administrative officer for Clearwater County told the Edmonton Journal Friday morning.

"But it's just after 8 (a.m.). A lot of things can change."

However, approximately 150 residents of Nordegg remain on one-hour evacuation notice.

Warm temperatures, dry vegetation and gusty winds have created hospitable wildfire conditions in the Rocky Mountain House region.

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Nordegg Area Wildfire Causes One-Hour Evacuation Alert

In the Slave Lake area, reports News 660, new fire permits are not being issued and current ones have been suspended.

Despite a long, cold snowy winter, the fire threat is already listed as very high to extreme in central and northwestern parts of the province.

The Canadian Press reported earlier this week more than 300 firefighters are on duty in the province, with another 1,500 that can be called in quickly when needed.

The problem is much of the snow that fell over the winter has evaporated instead of melting and soaking the ground.

The grass and brush have not greened up and it is still too early for the trees to bud, making them more prone to fires.

Clearwater County will be communicating with residents on its website, its Twitter account and its Facebook page.

Earlier, from the Canadian Press

NORDEGG, Alta. - People who live in the community of Nordegg in west-central Alberta have been placed on one-hour evacuation notice due to an out-of-control wildfire.

About 60 firefighters supported by bulldozers and three water-dropping helicopters are fighting the flames.

The 75-hectare fire is just west of the hamlet.

Warm temperatures, dry vegetation and gusty winds have created very high wildfire conditions in the Rocky Mountain House region.

Workers at Nordegg Resort Lodge said they heard about the evacuation notice on the radio, but didn't know what it meant.

A woman answering the phone said her boss told her to talk to Alberta Sustainable Resources and Development.

She said there were workers from the department staying at the lodge and if it was that bad, the workers would have told them to leave.