05/11/2013 11:23 EDT | Updated 07/11/2013 05:12 EDT

Bats Take Over Saskatoon Apartment

bats hanging on a rock in a cave
bats hanging on a rock in a cave
A Saskatoon woman says her apartment has been taken over by bats.

"It was around April 27th that the first one came through," Christina Abbott told CBC News on Friday, referring to the bats found in her apartment.

Before long, there were more.

"I left my apartment for a week and had one more flying around the living room," she said. "And just since this past Monday there's been another 12."

On Friday, there were five live bats in the apartment, including three in the bathtub. The bats turned up even after the problem was supposed to have been taken care of by the building's management.

"It's terrifying," Abbott said. "The worst one was through the middle of the night, I have a dog and he was sleeping in bed with me and all of a sudden, I thought I felt something.... And at the same time I heard a thud and about two or three feet from my bed, there was a bat sprawled out on the ground."

"Just thinking about having been sleeping with a bat in my bed is traumatizing."

She said she has also been through a series of shots, for rabies, just in case.

Abbott said in the past few months the infestation has led to disagreements with Mainstreet Equity Corp., the company looking after the apartment.

According to Abbott, Mainstreet decided not to renew her lease, which ends in June. She was told in an email shown to CBC News that the decision was because of a "relationship breakdown."

Abbott said that was hard to take.

"I feel really frustrated," she said. "I was hoping to meet with pest control and make that decision for myself."

CBC tried to contact Mainstreet for comment on Friday, but did not hear back.

Abbott said as things stand, she does not plan to return to the apartment, and will stay with her father for the time being.

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