05/11/2013 16:56 EDT | Updated 07/11/2013 05:12 EDT

One man still missing after pair swept over falls

Fast-moving water is making it difficult for crews to search for a 21-year-old man's body, after he and a friend were swept over the Gold Creek Falls while swimming in Golden Ears Provincial Park east of Vancouver on Friday.

"Parts of Gold Creek are fairly broad and slow moving so that's not too bad," said Richard Laing, team manager for Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue.

"But there are parts where the water funnels through several large boulders and rocks and it gets very fast, very dangerous."

Laing said at least a dozen search and rescue crew members from nearby Mission, Coquitlam and Ridge Meadows were out Saturday searching for the body along Gold Creek. They were unable to enter the water because the current is too strong, Laing said.

An RCMP helicopter also circled the area for hours on Saturday.

But a family friend of the 21-year-old man, who was a student at Trinity Western University, didn't have much hope.

"When I saw the water, I said 'no one can survive if they are in the water,'" Guo Ding told CBC News.

"I can't believe it happened, you know, it is a tragedy. They are supposed to know it's dangerous. I can't imagine why they went into the water."

The young man's parents were traveling in China at the time of the incident and are currently en route back to Canada.

The body of a 19-year-old man was found Friday evening, hours after the pair were pulled down and over the waterfall by a strong current while their five friends watched helplessly from the shore.

The men were swimming in an area that is considered to be safe in the summer but can be dangerous at this time of year.

Police have not released the identities of the young men, but say one is from Surrey and the other is from Delta.