05/12/2013 03:11 EDT | Updated 07/12/2013 05:12 EDT

Leaf fans hope team can keep playoff dreams alive

It's do or die for the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight, as they try to force a seventh game in their first-round playoff series with the Boston Bruins.

But the stakes are also high for diehard Leafs fans who waited nearly a decade to see their team on the ice during the post-season.

Some fans claim to have lost sleep during this playoff series, others say they have lost opportunities because of their commitment to the Maple Leafs.

On Friday, longtime Leaf fan Neha Shah learned she had won tickets to Sunday’s game through a raffle at her workplace.

With an upcoming wedding, Shah and her husband-to-be thought about selling them to help some of their wedding costs.

But despite the possible windfall, they decided to go to the game.

"We knew that we would regret it forever if we didn’t get to go and have the experience and remember that we went to it. Because who knows when they will be in the playoffs again?" she told CBC News in a recent interview.

Ahead of Sunday night's game, Leaf fans were also tweeting about what they were going through and the playoff hopes they were still hanging on to.

Greg Murphy tweeted that he was looking to a higher hockey power to make things right for the Leafs in Game Six:

And while Toronto fans weren't talking as much about the prospect of the playoff run coming to an end, Mark Norman, a Leafs fan in St. John's, saw a possible silver lining if the Leafs were to lose on Sunday: