05/13/2013 10:36 EDT | Updated 07/13/2013 05:12 EDT

Air Canada Express Plane's Tires 'Blew Out' Before Take Off

Passengers on board an Air Canada Express flight from Toronto to Fredericton last Thursday had a scary experience when two tires blew just as the plane was about to lift off.

Wendy King, a passenger on the plane, said her Air Canada Express flight was nearing take off when she heard a loud noise.

"There was a big loud boom and tires on left side blew out completely, right down to the metal, both tires," she said.

"Nobody really knew what had happened, The plane, of course, was shuddering."

King said the pilot did a tremendous job making sure the plane stayed steady as it came to a stop on the runway.

There were a number of people with their heads between their knees as the plane came to a stop, King said.

When the plane finally came to a stop, she said there was very little communication from airline staff to the passengers about what was going on.

Even as the passengers waited outside while firefighters cleaned up a fuel spill, there was very little information passed on by the Air Canada Express crew.

"My overall impression was they really didn't know what to do," King said.

“They were confusing and waiting for somebody else to respond and in my mind they should have been giving instructions to the passengers to stay off the tarmac and that sort of thing.”

The passengers were later given meal vouchers and put on another plane.

Jazz Aviation said in a statement that all tires on their aircraft are inspected by maintenance staff according to a "stringent" maintenance schedule.

And the plane’s first officer conducts a visual inspection of the tires prior to each flight.

They say their aircraft maintenance program is regulated by Transport Canada and it meets regulations.

There will be an internal investigation to determine the cause of the two flat tires in the Air Canada Express flight.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that the flight involved belonged to Air Canada. This version has now been updated.

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