05/13/2013 06:53 EDT | Updated 07/13/2013 05:12 EDT

Coverage plans from The Canadian Press on election night Tuesday

VANCOUVER - British Columbians vote Tuesday, with polls closing at 8 p.m. PST.

The Canadian Press plans comprehensive coverage throughout the night.

Results coverage for the print and broadcast wire has been communicated in separate advisories. For copy, we plan to have a reporter, videographer and photographer with the Liberals and the NDP.


B.C. leaders make final push for vote


The leaders of British Columbia's two main parties sprinted to get their message out Monday, one day before the finish line would deliver one of them a victory. New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix planned to campaign for 24 hours straight, making 15 election stops during his 1,700- kilometre tour as far north as Prince George. PHOTO. Incorporates portions of Elxn-BC-Document; Will be Writethru


Liberals say NDP document sends warning


VANCOUVER — B.C. New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix has brushed off Liberal party claims that leaked documents reveal a veil of secrecy connected to his party's plans if it forms the next government. On the eve of the election, Dix said the accusations are nothing more than Liberals scare tactics.



Political prevarication on the campaign trail


VANCOUVER — Depending on who you ask, British Columbia faces imminent disaster on Tuesday when voters go to the polls to elect a new provincial government. All capital projects could be cancelled. Or oil pipelines could dissect the province.



B.C. election began as the NDP's to lose, the Liberals's to survive


VANCOUVER — It was the British Columbia New Democrats' election to lose, and perhaps the best the provincial Liberals could hope for was to save the party and prevent a rout in a province known for not just voting governments out of power, but purging them from political life. If that was the case, then both of the province's main political parties appear to have succeeded — possibly more — in a hard-fought four-week election campaign. Eds: Story will move at 1 a.m. PST. It will stand for Wednesday papers, but will be updated after results are in. AUDIO. PHOTO.


B.C. voters go to the polls


VANCOUVER — Voters across British Columbia are heading to the polls to choose a new provincial government. After abysmal voter turnout in 2009, voting was up at advance polls, with 12 per cent of registered B.C. voters having already cast a ballot. The early, higher number might reflect the hard-fought nature of the campaign and the polls that suggest Christy Clark's Liberals have dramatically shortened the NDP's lead — but probably not by enough to win. Eds: Will be writethru during the day. PHOTO. AUDIO. VIDEO.


There will also be sidebars on the prominents who have lost their seats and separate stories on the Greens and the Conservatives.

Quickfacts and Quickquotes will also move, as well as a QuickSketch of each leader.




Independents ignore the odds

VANCOUVER — In 2009, Independent candidate Vicky Huntington bucked the traditional wisdom about the dim chances faced by candidates without a party to back them and won a seat in the B.C. legislature. Huntington is running again this time and is joined by at least two others who have a real chance at winning.


NDP film tax credit just a game: economist


VANCOUVER — New Democratic leader Adrian Dix has hoped to use what economists are calling a "race to the bottom" to race to the top of British Columbia's polls — a move that had the film industry giving him a standing ovation and the Liberals calling 'Cut!'


The Canadian Press will also repeat the profiles of Liberal Leader Christy Clark and NDP Leader Adrian Dix.