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Kyle Richards Talks 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' And Baby Rumours

Kyle Richards really does seem to have it all. The most level-headed "Real Housewife of Beverly Hills" has a hunky husband, (Mauricio), four lovely daughters, radiant skin, impossibly shiny hair, a covet-worthy closet and now her own boutique.

That doesn't mean she has a drama-free life, though. During Season 3 of "RHOBH," we saw her strive to get closer to her sister, Kim, who has been struggling to overcome alcoholism. We also saw her drift further apart from fellow housewife Lisa Vanderpump, who became closer to resident mean-girl Brandi Glanville. During the reunion show, Brandi reduced Kyle to tears when she questioned whether she really wants the best for Kim.

When she's not side-stepping drama on the "RHOBH," Kyle keeps busy taking care of her family and speaking out on behalf of March of Dimes, a charity that supports healthy pregnancies. HuffPost TV caught up with Richards and chatted about everything from Brandi's jabs to her biggest beauty secrets to why she got involved with March of Dimes.

HuffPost TV: How has your life changed since you joined the "RHOBH"?

Kyle Richards: My home life has not changed at all, but I'm extremely busy every single day and there is never any downtime. Having people on the street know so much about your personal life is interesting, to say the least.

What's your favourite part about the show?

The Reunion! [Laughs] Just kidding! I really enjoy filming the show. I love the crew and our production company and everyone involved. I just don't like watching the show on television. It's extremely stressful.

Are you happy with how you're portrayed on the show?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Most times it's accurate but then there are other times when the viewer doesn't always know the back story and that can be really frustrating.

What do your kids think of the show? How has it impacted their lives?

They don't watch the show and they don't care about it. They're not impressed with it.

What does Mauricio think?

He takes it with a grain of salt. He keeps me calm when things get crazy and I get stressed out from it. He always tells me that when it gets to be too much, he doesn't want me doing it anymore.

What's it like having women writing into Bravo asking about your husband's shoe size? How does he react to things like that?

I think it's hilarious. Before the show, he was a nice Jewish boy and now he's this hot Latino. It makes us both laugh.

It seems as though a lot of Real Housewives have gotten divorced after joining the show -- why do you think that is?

I believe a lot [of the women] go into the show as a way out of their unhappy marriage. They think they can gain financial independence and that's why they sign up for it.

Brandi seemed to be stirring the pot a bit during the Reunion show this season. Why do you think she says the things she does? Do you think she's trying to be hurtful?

I don't know if she's trying to or it comes naturally. [Laughs] I was very hurt by her comments, but she has apologized and I get over things quickly.

What is your relationship with Kim like right now? How is she doing?

Our relationship is great right now. I don't think any sibling relationship is perfect all the time. We have really come a long way.

I read that you're thinking about having another baby -- what prompted that decision?

That was blown way out of proportion. I don't know if I'll ever feel like I'm done having children. I love children and I love being pregnant.

How did you get involved with March of Dimes?

As a mother of four children, I can't think of anything more important than having a healthy baby. I've always admired the work that March of Dimes does, so I was proud and honoured to be partnering with them for their IMBORNTO campaign.

You have amazing skin and hair -- what are your biggest beauty secrets?

Less is more, with everything! I love the electric facial that you've seen on the show, but I don't do the facials too frequently. I don't like to use product in my hair, or use high heat. I do take the hair care vitamin called Nourage. I use shampoo from the supermarket and I do a moisturizing hair masque twice a month.

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