05/13/2013 11:25 EDT | Updated 07/13/2013 05:12 EDT

NDP say single oil and natural gas regulator needed in New Brunswick

FREDERICTON - New Brunswick's NDP leader says there needs to be a single regulator for the oil and natural gas industry in the province.

Dominic Cardy says there are at least five different government departments and agencies that regulate various aspects of the industry.

He says that's a recipe for confusion and failure in enforcement.

Cardy says the government's oil and natural gas blueprint that was released last week lacks many details, including a royalty proposal.

He says while a royalty rate of 40 per cent was proposed by Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup in May 2012, the new blueprint only says the royalty regime will be competitive.

Meanwhile, Green party Leader David Coon says the provincial government has denied his request filed under access to information legislation for studies done on shale gas royalties.

According to the Department of Finance, the government can't release information concerning a contemplated change in taxes or revenue until the change is announced.

The province's access to information and privacy commissioner has agreed to investigate a complaint filed by Coon.