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Where To Vote In The BC Election


Tomorrow, May 14, is the B.C. provincial election. Polling stations will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT.

Advance polling is now closed, and voters must adhere to the guidelines for voting set out by Elections BC.

Elections BC have provided a list of B.C. polling stations. For iPad or iPhone users, a mobile friendly version of their site is available here.

Those wishing to vote need to provide a form of identification as prescribed by Elections BC.

Option 1

A single document issued by the Government of B.C. or Canada that contains the voter’s name, photograph and residential address, such as a B.C. driver’s licence, B.C. Identification Card (BCID), or B.C. Services Card

Option 2

A Certificate of Indian Status as issued by the Government of Canada

Option 3

Two documents that together show the voter’s name and residential address. Both documents must show the voter’s name. At least one of the documents must also contain the voter’s residential address.

Please note: Digital or electronic documents (e.g. e-bills) are acceptable. Hand-written information on a document, photocopies or electronic scans/photos of a paper document are not acceptable.

See the detailed list of documents considered acceptable identification.

Live Results available at HuffPost BC after 8 p.m.. A mobile version of our results are available here for smartphones.


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