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Who Is Dellen Millard? Arrested In Tim Bosma Disappearance

Dellen Millard, the man charged by Hamilton police in connection with the disappearance of Tim Bosma, whose remains have now been found, made headlines in 1999, with a story fitting for a teenager from an aviation family.

On his 14th birthday, Millard became the youngest Canadian to pilot solo both a helicopter and an airplane on the same day.

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Millard's grandfather, Carl, was a Canadian aviation legend. He started his own charter airline in 1954, Rob Seaman wrote in Wings Magazine in 2005. Before that, Carl had been a pilot for Tran-Canada Airlines, which became Air Canada.

Millard also told Seaman that he was "a direct descendant of Chief Joseph Brant," the Mohawk leader who aided the British forces during the American Revolution in the mid-1700s.

Millard Air was incorporated in 1963 and eventually had a fleet of 21 planes. The charter airline was based at Toronto's main airport, operating until it went into bankruptcy in 1990.

Later, the Millard family owned an aircraft servicing and maintenance company, also based at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Carl died in 2006 and his son Wayne, took over the business.

Before he died in December 2012, Wayne was starting up Millardair MRO, described as "a new provider for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul service." It was based at Waterloo International Airport in Ontario and had the largest hangar at the airport, with plans to employ 40 to 90 people, Canadian Skies magazine reported at the time.

In his father's obituary which appeared in the Toronto Star, Dellen wrote: "For father piloting wasn't just his job, it was his freedom."

Dellen's record flights

Wayne had learned to fly when he was five, sitting in his father's lap. Wayne's son, Dellen, also learned about flying when he was young but only began formal flying lessons in the months before his record flights.

The day after setting that record, the 14-year-old told CTV News, "It was just incredible flying alone. You look over at the seat and there's nobody there."

"It felt great and free. You can do anything up there," Dellen added. At the time, he was a student at the Toronto French School.

Dellen has flying in his background on his mother's side, too. Madeleine Burns is a former Air Canada flight attendant. (On Sunday, in Kleinburg, police found a trailer, containing a black pickup truck, in Burns's driveway.)

When he was 21, Wayne told the Toronto Star that Dellen wanted to start a helicopter business.

From flying to car racing

In 2011, Dellen, along with co-driver Andrew Michalski competed in the Baja 500 desert off-road race in Mexico. Michalski's Facebook page has photos of him and Dellen working on the bright yellow jeep before the race. The photos were taken at an airport hangar.

On Friday, police arrested Millard "without incident while driving" in Mississauga, Ont. Initially Millard, 27, was charged with forcible confinement and theft over $5,000." On Tuesday afternoon, Matt Kavanaugh, Hamilton Police's lead investigator on the case, told a media conference that Millard will be charged with murder.

Kinsella said that police believe Millard was the driver in a test-drive in Toronto that had similarities to the one that led to Bosma's disappearance. "Millard is the suspect with the 'Ambition' tattoo," Kinsella added, referring to the word on his wrist.

Millard's lawyer, Deepak Paradkar, told CBC News his client isn't the type of person to commit such crimes.

"He's a very unassuming, humble person. He's intelligent, well-educated and financially well off, so there's no motive here," Paradkar said.

"He's never had a brush with law, never been to jail," Paradkhar added.

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