05/14/2013 05:06 EDT | Updated 07/14/2013 05:12 EDT

John Baird Names David Angell Canada's First Ambassador To Somalia In 20 Years


OTTAWA - A longtime Canadian diplomat will become the country's first ambassador to Somalia in more than two decades.

The announcement of David Angell's appointment marks a restart of diplomatic relations between Canada and the east Africa country.

Canada hasn't had an ambassador accredited to Somalia since 1990 but had signalled it wanted to rekindle relations following presidential elections in the country last year.

Angell was appointed Canada's ambassador to Kenya last fall and he'll continue to live in Nairobi while carrying out his new duties.

His appointment was formally announced Tuesday by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird during a visit to Kenya.

It had been approved by the Privy Council Office last week as part of a broader diplomatic shuffle which also saw Canada's ambassador to Mali receive responsibility for Niger.

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