05/14/2013 03:16 EDT | Updated 07/14/2013 05:12 EDT

Manitoba doctor appeals conviction on sex assault of patient; decision later

WINNIPEG - A former Manitoba doctor is appealing his conviction for sexually assaulting a female patient.

Mohammed Kadirsahib (cutter-sahdeeb), who is 41, was convicted a year ago of giving an inappropriate breast and pelvic exam in a clinic in Lac Du Bonnet in 2009.

The judge ruled there was no way the exam was for a legitimate medical purpose.

But Kadirsahib's lawyer argued in court that the woman was clearly suffering from a serious illness and his client may have just made errors in how he looked for it.

He says breast exams that turn out to be unnecessary happen all the time and that doesn't make it sexual assault.

The appeal judge's decision is expected at a later date.

Court heard Kadirsahib was a doctor in India before moving to Canada in 2004.

He worked at convenience stores and gas stations for years before getting his licence to practice, under some restrictions.

He has been free on bail but is no longer seeing patients.