05/15/2013 05:33 EDT

Adrian Dix Leadership Challenge (TWEETS)


Are Adrian Dix's days as NDP leader numbered?

The Province's Mike Smyth set off a torrent of speculation online when he tweeted on Wednesday that an NDP insider told him Dix was "not going to get any more popular."

"Get the marmalade ready," Smyth wrote. "He's toast."

The tweet came after an unprecedented comeback by the B.C. Liberal Party that saw Christy Clark's troops go from as much as a 15 per cent deficit in the polls to a majority government, with 50 seats to the NDP's 33.

Dix wasn't made available to the media Wednesday, but Twitter nevertheless lit up with speculation about why he didn't succeed at the polls.

Mike Mackay tweeted that Dix was lacking three qualities that could make him electable: "integrity, charisma and sincerity."

Political commentator Pete Quily tweeted that Dix is a good policy wonk, but that he ran a horrible campaign and his party's inner circle never called him out on it.

Globe and Mail reporter Ian Bailey questioned whether federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau would abandon his positive approach after it proved so disastrous for Dix.

Check out what Twitter users had to say about Adrian Dix after his party's election defeat:

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