05/15/2013 11:05 EDT

BC NDP Loss Compared To Toronto Maple Leafs (TWEETS)


What do the B.C. NDP and the Toronto Maple Leafs have in common? Quite a bit, if Twitter can be believed.

Adrian Dix's party began the election with a 20-point lead but, like the Leafs lost a 4-1 lead in Game 7, fell to defeat after a stunning Liberal comeback saw Christy Clark lead her party to 50 seats.

Political pundit Steve Burgess tweeted that the election provided some comfort for Leafs fans, as the hockey team didn't, in fact, experience the week's biggest collapse.

Twitter user Cyrus Liu tweeted that the NDP can now count themselves as the biggest chokers of 2013, alongside the Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks, who were swept out of the first round of the NHL playoffs by the San Jose Sharks.

Meanwhile, Ken Stark tweeted that the NDP are like the Leafs because they show up every five years to embarrass themselves, despite the fact that B.C.'s election cycle is only four years.

Check out how Twitter users compared the NDP to the Toronto Maple Leafs, and other hockey teams:

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