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NHL Style: Sidney Crosby, Henrik Lundqvist And More Fashionable Hockey Players (PHOTOS)

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The Toronto Maple Leafs may have been knocked out of the 2013 NHL playoffs but there are plenty more hockey teams to cheer for - and stare at.

Since we at HuffPost Canada Style cater to our readers, we’re taking a look at some of the most stylish hockey players whose fashion credentials rival even the best of Hollywood’s leading men. If you can dress better then Ryan Gosling, you deserve mad props.

Let's be honest ladies, we all want to see our favorite athletes in nothing but a jersey (and maybe even less than that.) However, since that would be inappropriate, let's celebrate the men who look almost as good fully clothed.

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Sidney Crosby

The Ottawa Senators are the last Canadian team in the 2013 NHL playoffs but we can’t help but avert our eyes to their playoff rival, Pittsburgh Penguins captain, Sidney Crosby. You may have noticed that the 25-year-old Canadian is not just good at maneuvering a puck, he’s also a certified fashionista.

Sid the Kid might balk at that title but if he's going to look that good in a three-piece suit, he ought to get used to it.

Sean Avery

It's no secret that retired left-winger Sean Avery is a die-hard fashion addict. (He even had a style Q&A column for and interned for Vogue magazine.)

The well-dressed athlete (who used to date Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert) has been photographed wearing a fitted purple crushed velvet blazer and a sexy leather motorcycle jacket over a preppy sweater. Enough said.

Henrik Lundqvist

Another no brainer in hockey’s fashion arena is New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. The juxtaposition of his rugged good looks with perfectly fitted designer suits and skinny ties are enough to send puck bunnies into a perma swoon. If you haven’t seen his spread in Page Six Magazine, you should because it involves him looking smooth and conveniently hanging out in a bed.

Alexander Ovechkin

While he may not be the most attractive NHLer, Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals makes up for it two-fold with his on-ice skills and off-ice style. Ovechkin looks as good in casual duds as he does in a suit. Did we mention that he even has a clothing line?

Mike Comrie

You don’t attract a Hollywood celebrity by wearing oversized Hawaiian shirts and white running shoes. Singer Hilary Duff’s hubby, a former Penguins forward, looks great most of the time but seems to prefers casual cool to stuffy suits. He now has a reason to keep up with the latest trends with all those red carpet events he goes to with Duff.

Joffrey Lupul

Toronto Maple Leafs stud Joffrey Lupul deserves some major fashion credit for his understated style. From sleek suits to tailored winter coats, the forward can roll with the style set.

We’re guessing he’ll have even more time to perfect that closet of his now that the Leafs are out! Too soon to make a crack about that loss?

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