05/16/2013 06:50 EDT | Updated 05/16/2013 10:19 EDT

Travel Psychic, Linda Lauren, Predicts Delays In Store For North American Globe-Trotters

Linda Lauren

Linda Lauren had her first travel psychic experience when she was 8; right after she foresaw her grandmother go down in a plane crash.

"I had an experience where my grandmother was on a plane. I had a heads up as a premonition that the plane went down. I told my mother and she had my grandmother change her flight," Lauren recalls.

The plane, she explained, did go down but her grandmother went on to live to the age of 96 because of the flight change. Since then, the fourth-generation psychic medium has worked with clients seeking guidance in life -- particularly in the realm of travel.

"I've been practicing for over 40 years but people come to me for travel because they want me to look at their itineraries, to feel the energy and colour, the direction they might be going."

The term 'travel psychic' may raise some eyebrows -- especially among skeptics -- but Lauren describes her work as a form of therapy to ease anxious travellers, one 15-minute consultation at a time.

“People are looking for any way to get control,” Dale Thompson, a psychologist who flies about 150 times each year, tells the New York Times. “Now it’s a grand enterprise to fly anywhere. It’s just become so much more of a hassle.

Lauren meets with her clients either on Skype, by phone, in person or by email, who send and share pictures of where they want to go and stay. That, or they ask for insight into tentative itineraries to see if everything looks right. Lauren in turn, takes a look at her client's personal energy, which she says looks like "coloured bubbles".

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"I'm offering intuitive advice on my client's energy," she says. "For some people, it's the colour red and that makes them feel a certain way. So when that red seatbelt light goes on, I tell them to focus on another colour, rather than the warning signs in your space. What you have to understand about travellers is that they pick up from other people the energy that's right there."

Energy can come from many colours, she adds, like black when someone is ill or white for someone who's happy. It's that coloured energy Lauren claims to detect and tells anxious travellers to refocus on something different in order to find a sense of calm during their trip. For proactive travellers, Lauren flags destinations that she sees as troublesome, something she likens to walking into a store.

"If you go into a store, you know if it feels right. You'll walk out of a store if you don't like it, correct? That's energy sending you out because you're not capable of dealing with it in a compatible way," she says.

So what advice does the New Jersey-based psychic have for HuffPost readers?

"The focus for travellers should be on patience. I know not a lot of people have it now and days but patience is going to be focus for this summer. It feels like there's a bit of a situation with planes, patience and delays," says Lauren, adding that travellers should focus on the colours green and blue to keep calm.

Speaking of blue, Lauren says that water is a big pull for travellers, suggesting that water, whether it's the ocean or a beach -- helps with emotion and that sand or dirt helps keeps travellers grounded. Her suggestions come at a time where travel by sea, particularly in the cruise industry, has been making waves -- and not in the good way. Even Lauren admits she's seen a rise in cruise-related grievances.

"By practice, I have to say I've seen an escalation of fear regarding cruises. It reminds me of right after 9/11 when people were afraid to fly."

Whatever the method of travel, Lauren has one universal piece of advice.

"I am a big fan of deep breathing and it's very, very important to breath this summer because we're going to be hit with some very strange weather in the area and that's vital to keep in mind."

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that Lauren's first travel psychic experience was at the age of 18. It has since been updated.