05/16/2013 07:52 EDT

Vancouver Aquarium Jellyfish Exhibit Opens (PHOTOS)

Vancouver Aquarium

There's something spellbinding about jellyfish, the beautiful aquatic starbursts with a sting in their tendrils.

Visitors to the Vancouver Aquarium can feast their eyes on fifteen species of the gelatinous creatures in a new exhibit called "Jelly Invasion", as well as find out a plethora of interesting facts about these simple lifeforms.

Some of the most dangerous animals in the world, jellyfish can cause heart attacks in humans within minutes of releasing their sting. Is it any wonder that jellies have complicated sex lives?

Highlights of the exhibit include the Lion's Mane - a jellyfish with tendrils running up to 60 metres long - and the fierce, predatory Comb Jelly.

“The beauty and tranquility of jellies will captivate anyone who walks through our door during Jelly Invasion,” Dr. John Nightingale, president and CEO of the aquarium said in a press release. “They are perhaps some of the most mesmerizing creatures to watch - as the number of hits to our jelly cam can attest - but they are also just plainly fascinating.”

Take a look at some of the jellies featured in Jelly Invasion: