05/18/2013 09:48 EDT | Updated 07/18/2013 05:12 EDT

1 person hurt after trains collide near Medicine Hat

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is sending a team to the site of a two-train collision on the CP line east of Medicine Hat.

Officials say one CP freight train hit another Saturday afternoon. One person was injured and taken to hospital.

"Our investigators are currently en route to the scene," said John Cottreau, manager of media relations for the TSB. "They'll be looking at things like rail, they'll be downloading information from the train locomotive event recorders and they'll be looking at a variety of issues."

Couttreau says he does not know what the trains were carrying but that there were no dangerous goods released as a result of the accident.

One train apparently rammed into another, according to the TSB. The train that was struck had two cars derailed and the train that collided into it derailed two locomotives and one car.

Officials don't have an exact time for the accident and are only saying that it happened Saturday afternoon.

The TSB will gather information and assess the situation but does not assign fault.

It also does not determine civil or criminal liability.