05/18/2013 02:07 EDT | Updated 05/18/2013 08:16 EDT

BC Election's Best Moments


The B.C. election has passed with people still shaking their heads over how the B.C. Liberals climbed from a massive deficit in the polls to a fourth-straight majority government.

It was an election full of tension and drama, from the NDP's strong early showing, to a series of candidate controversies and finally the unprecedented victory that almost no one, save the B.C. Liberals, saw coming.

As far as election intrigue goes, this one didn't disappoint.

There are so many memorable moments to name, but a few stand out as the election's more entertaining and game-changing storylines.

Check out the best moments of the B.C. election:

10) Harry Bloy's Election Day Meltdown

Burnaby-Lougheed MLA Harry Bloy had a near-meltdown on Twitter that went mostly unnoticed on election day. Throughout the day he pointed some harried tweets at eventual winner Jane Shin, who was hammered throughout the campaign over her medical credentials.

9) Green Party Does The Harlem Shake

It came about three months late, and it was edited and choreographed incorrectly. But it was somehow endearing to see Green Party Leader Jane Sterk appeal to sensibilities of younger voters, like your grandmother doing "Gangnam Style."

8) Dayleen Van Ryswyk Resigns

Kelowna-Mission candidate Dayleen Van Ryswyk resigned from the NDP after it emerged that she made disparaging comments about First Nations and French Canadians on an online forum.

7) Mischa Popoff Defends Himself

B.C. Conservative candidate Mischa Popoff was dropped from the party ticket after it emerged that he made offensive comments about single mothers in a newspaper column. He later defended himself with this video, in which a bull repeatedly rams him in the posterior region. Now THAT'S bullying.

6) Adrian Dix Says He Was 35 Years Old

NDP Leader Adrian Dix was hammered in the debate for backdating a memo in 1999 while working for then-premier Glen Clark. One of his excuses was that he was 35 years old. The Liberals nailed him on it in this attack ad.

5) Christy Clark's Voting Confusion

Christy Clark gleefully cast a vote in Burnaby, but when she spoke to elections staff it appeared that she did it incorrectly.

4) David Eby Beats The Premier

Christy Clark may have won the election for the B.C. Liberals, but she lost a very big battle in her own riding, losing Vancouver-Point Grey to NDP candidate David Eby. It's not certain what will happen with the premier now, but there's speculation a Liberal will step aside so she can run in a byelection.

3) B.C. Elects More Women Than Anywhere In Canada

The B.C. election saw more women elected to the legislature than any other province in Canada, and that's before Christy Clark has even confirmed a run in a byelection.

2) The Pollsters Get Everything Spectacularly Wrong

Pollsters such as Angus-Reid, Ipsos-Reid and Forum Research predicted a NDP win, but the Liberals defied the public numbers and won a majority anyway. The clear gap between voters and pollsters was mocked relentlessly on Twitter.

1) B.C. Liberals Win The Election

It was a stunning election win that no one saw coming. The B.C. Liberals were elected to a majority government despite every projection saying otherwise.