05/19/2013 02:55 EDT | Updated 07/19/2013 05:12 EDT

Jeep Driver Apologizes After Stunt Kills Edmonton Woman

A man claiming to be the driver of a Jeep that struck and killed a spectator at a charity event in Edmonton Saturday says he is sorry for what happened.

“I have never been so terrified in my life and I am soooooooooo sorry,” he wrote on the site for a local Jeep drivers’ group.

“I know there will be a ton of hatred and speculation regarding what happened, and I accept that. But please understand that I would never go out of my way to hurt anybody or deliberately inflict any kind of pain, especially to the off road communities that have become my family.”

The 20-year-old woman was struck where the driver was performing a demonstration in which his Jeep drove over the protruding wheels of another Jeep.

Witnesses say one of the vehicles appeared to go out of control and drove onto a vehicle where the woman was standing.

Paramedics performed CPR on her but she was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital.

The man said that he didn’t know who was struck, but that it's all he can think about.

“My head's really not in a good place right now,” he wrote. “I wish I could take that that poor girl's place so badly.”

The man wrote that the Jeep should not have moved.

"The brakes were engaged and the clutch was at the floor. It should not have moved!!!!"

A candlelight vigil was held Saturday night in the parking lot of Oliver Square, the big box shopping mall which hosted the Jeep event.

On Sunday, candles and flowers remained at the site as Jeeps were lined up nearby.

Drivers tied black and orange ribbons to their vehicles — black for the victim, and orange for the driver, who drove a Jeep that colour.

Sarina St. Jermaine, an event organizer and member of Alberta JK Owners, a group of off-roading enthusiasts, is shocked by what happened on Saturday.

"We wanted, you know, to get together and raise funds and money and food for the Edmonton Food Bank," she said. "And we did and it was a wonderful, well-planned event. And it just had a very tragic outcome.”

Edmonton police are continuing their investigation. There is no word on whether any charges will be laid.

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