05/20/2013 12:53 EDT

Alberta Summer 2013 Forecast: Warmer Temperatures, More Severe Weather

tornado and lightening
tornado and lightening

Depending on where you live in Alberta, this year's summer weather calls for you to keep your bathing suit, sunscreen and umbrella all on hand.

According to the latest summer outlook by, Alberta is in for a warmer summer than usual, and will likely see an uptick in severe weather.

Drier-than-normal conditions are expected in Calgary and southern Alberta, as strong high pressure will often extend north through the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

"We're going to see some record heat there in the month of July," AccuWeather lead Canadian forecaster Brett Anderson said.

"Areas south of Calgary I think are going to see some spells of very hot weather, perhaps record breaking temperatures."

Severe weather, including thunderstorms and threat of tornadoes, will be higher than usual in the central part of the province, including Edmonton, as heat near the U.S. border clashes with cooler air from the north.

AccuWeather says damaging thunderstorm winds and large hail will be of particular threat during July, but may also occur in June and August.

Environment Canada suggests taking shelter when severe weather hits, either in a basement or interior room of a house. During lightning storms, people should head inside and stay there for at least 30-minutes after the last clap of thunder. Environment Canada also suggests keeping the items below in an emergency weather kit:

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Items For Your Emergency Weather Kit

  • Bottles of water
  • Change of clothes
  • Extra pair of shoes
  • Portable radio
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Manual can-opener
  • Medications and prescriptions
  • Toilet paper
  • Extra set of car keys
  • Extra cash
  • Driver's license and personal documents
  • First aid kit
  • Other personal items

2012 was a record-setting summer for Canadian weather, with high temperatures across the country, but this year is expected to be closer to average.