05/21/2013 12:57 EDT | Updated 07/21/2013 05:12 EDT

Government will support private bill on tougher parole, Nicholson says

OTTAWA - Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says the government will support a private member's bill that would require people who are on parole, probation or serving conditional sentences to stay away from victims.

The legislation, introduced by British Columbia Conservative MP Mark Warawa, would prohibit paroled sexual offenders from coming within two kilometres of a victim's dwelling.

It would also require that people on parole, probation or conditional sentences not contact victims without their consent.

The bill is in keeping with the Harper government's often-stressed law-and-order commitment.

Nicholson says the bill will ensure that victims are not traumatized again after felons are released.

Warawa says the legislation was inspired by a troubling incident in his community.

"In my riding of Langley, two brave families lived in constant fear when the sex offender of their child was permitted to serve house arrest in their neighbourhood," he said.

"In one case, the offender served his sentence right across the street from his young victim and in the other case, next door to his victim."