05/21/2013 03:59 EDT | Updated 05/21/2013 04:04 EDT

Hot Men In Commercials: Dr. Pepper Ad Features Model Josh Button (VIDEO)

Diet Dr. Pepper/YouTube

A new Diet Dr. Pepper commercial has just been released, but to be honest, we don't care about the drink so much as we want to stare at model Josh Button's abs.

Lucky for us, we will be seeing more hot hunks in commercials.

USA TODAY reports that shirtless men have increasingly been replacing bikini-clad women as the stars of commercials:

"It's become culturally cool to feature hunky guys in ads, something even Kraft is doing with its Zesty line of salad dressing. After all, women still do most of the shopping — and advertisers are targeting them with these racy TV spots. It's all about getting folks to first notice the ad from among all the media clutter, and then share the ad via social media."

Those rascally advertisers! Don't they know we can't resist a shirtless man with a scruffy (but trimmed) beard walking slowly out the water?

Apparently, advertisers do know women what women want: "The idea is not to associate hot men with the brand but, rather, to get female viewers to watch," says brand guru David Aaker. And boy, do we ever watch.

But, as Jezebel notes, the gratuitous shots of hunky men aren't nearly as objectifying as commercials that feature scantily-clothed women:

"It's worth noting that all of these ads have a certain winky sense of humor about them; instead of the plain-old straightforward objectification you usually find in ads with half-naked women, these guys, and the tone of the commercials, are very jokey. Unlike, say, the Carl's Jr. ads in which women put meat in their mouths, the new shirtless hunk ads are not set up like softcore porn."

See? You can watch commercials of half-naked men and still feel good about it! So, to satisfy your craving for good, old fashioned eye candy, we rounded up some of the best commercials featuring hunky men.

Best Hot Men Commercials