05/21/2013 12:49 EDT | Updated 05/23/2013 07:57 EDT

Melinda Green Dead: Woman Killed At Jeeps Go Topless Event Was Planning Her Wedding


The family of Melinda Green should be planning a wedding right now, but instead they're making funeral arrangements.

Green was crushed and killed when a stunt went wrong at an Edmonton Jeep event Saturday.

“We’re heartbroken at the loss of our beautiful daughter. We thank everyone for the outpouring of love we received,” parents John and Mira Green said in a statement.

Green, 20, was enjoying the Jeeps Go Topless Show and Shine in Oliver Square with her fiancé, when a demonstration took a turn for the worse.

A Jeep was balancing on the wheel of another when it tipped over sideways, crushing Green underneath.

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Green's finace, Cory Bekkers, managed to get out of the way of the falling vehicle, but Green did not. He was by her side when she died, reports Metro Edmonton.

The couple, who met two years ago at the Citadel Theatre, were in the middle of planning their upcoming nuptials.

Bekkers was working as a security guard at the Citadel Theatre, when Green began working at a newly-opened Second Cup in the building two years ago.

The Edmonton Journal reports the couple had their first date and kiss at the theatre, and were planning to get married there next May.

The wedding was going to be a "really big family affair," Green wrote on a photo caption last year, which she submitted to a contest that won the couple free wedding services, including a planner and photography.

Green graduated from Ross Sheppard High School and was taking classes at Grant MacEwan. Her goal was to begin engineering classes at University of Alberta, her father told the Journal.

“She was just a joy through all her 20 years ... and she has blessed everyone she’s touched all her life," he said.

The driver of the wayward Jeep, Craig Supernault, identified himself in a Facebook post shortly after the accident.

I have never been so terrified in my life and I am soooooooooo sorry, I know there will be a ton of hatred and speculation regarding what happened, and I accept that.

I am in absolute emotional hell right now over this accident.

The only thing I can say from an incidental standpoint, is that that jeep should NOT have moved........period all the brakes were engaged and the clutch was at the floor. It SHOULD NOT HAVE MOVED!!!!”

He has since deleted the post.

Police continue to investigate and will try to determine what went wrong during the stunt.