05/21/2013 19:26 EDT | Updated 07/21/2013 05:12 EDT

Yukon couple hold record for longest marriage in country

A couple in Ross River, Yukon, who have been married since 1932, are believed to hold the record for the longest marriage in Canada, according to Worldwide Marriage Encounter Canada.

Alice and Arthur John took part in an arranged marriage ceremony in the Dena tradition in 1932, which was followed by a ceremony in an Anglican Church in 1935. Later that year, while they were working on their trap line, a Roman Catholic priest blessed their union.

The faith-based marriage organization made the announcement based on nominations it received. The organization notes there could be other couples in Canada married longer, but that the Johns have been married longer than all others who were nominated as part of their its search.

Arthur has been a fur trapper and prospector, while Alice supplemented the family salary by selling her sewing works. Arthur also worked for the U.S. army as a guide. He carried mail between camps by dogsled during the construction of the Canol Road.

They had 11 children, four of whom are still living. They have 38 grandchildren.

Daughter Dorothy John said her parents are an inspiration.

“You know, he's been a good provider for us, and Mom taught us all the sewing and everything with the traditional lifestyle.… I think they're perfect role models for our kids,” she said.

The couple celebrated their marriage with a mass and reception on Sunday at the local school, where they were joined by many friends and family.