05/22/2013 11:42 EDT

Vancouver Car Explosion: West End Blast A 'Mistake,' Fire Captain Says (PICTURES, TWEETS)


A car explosion in Vancouver's West End was the result of a mistake when its owner stored gas in the back of the vehicle, a Vancouver fire captain told media Wednesday.

The car exploded in the 800-block of Nicola Street, the Vancouver police said in a Wednesday news release.

No one was in the car when it blew up and two people driving by at the time were sent to St. Paul's Hospital with injuries from flying glass. There was extensive damage to some nearby buildings, some of it as high as 12 stories, Vancouver fire captain Gabe Roder told a media briefing.

The owner of the car allegedly stored gas used for soldering. The car exploded when he tried to open it with a remote, News1130 reported.

Vancouver residents are warned to store such gas containers in ventilated areas, especially as barbecue season approaches, Roder told the briefing.

"What happened behind me is the result of one big mistake," he said.

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