05/22/2013 12:34 EDT

'Chris Hadfield' Wrings Towel Out Back On Earth, Fails Badly (VIDEO)

While Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield adjusts to life back on Earth after 146 days on board the International Space Station, one impersonator is giving a humorous take on Hadfield’s exploits in orbit.

Sean Ireland -- a self-described actor, writer and director -- is behind a series of YouTube parodies titled “Hadfield At Home” that show what Hadfield's famous experiments might look like back on Earth.

On his Twitter page, Ireland sartirically writes “I’m back on Earth but I still want to answer your questions!”

In one video, posted six days ago and viewed more than 40,000 times, Ireland imitates Hadfield wringing out water from a wet towel, in a play on the original viral sensation.

Jesting at Hadfield’s transition back to Earth, water pours from the towel while Ireland nonchalantly drones on.

“A lot of water getting all over my hands. A lot of water on my hands. A lot of water on my countertop. It’s getting more difficult to squeeze the water out,” he says at one point.

The video ends when a hunched roommate eating in the background says, “Chris, you going to clean that up?” to which Ireland quickly replies, “Huh?”

In another video, Ireland mimics Hadfield clipping his nails and failing to grasp the concept of gravity, causing him to repeatedly drop his microphone.

Hadfield captivated audiences with YouTube clips of experiments and stunts while commanding the ISS. His performance of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" has been viewed nearly 15 million times.

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