05/22/2013 03:24 EDT | Updated 07/22/2013 05:12 EDT

Edmonton Courthouse Hostage: Eyeglass Lens Used By Prisoner Subdue Inmate

EDMONTON - Police say a female prisoner used a lens from a pair of eyeglasses to take a fellow prisoner hostage at the Edmonton courthouse.

The tactical unit and negotiators were called to the downtown building shortly before noon.

Insp. Dean Hilton says officers found one woman holding another woman hostage in the cells area.

Both women were waiting to appear in court at the time.

Hilton says a negotiator managed to talk the woman into giving herself up and she was taken to hospital for observation.

The situation was over in less than two hours.

Hilton credited courthouse security for their initial handling of the situation.

"The sheriffs actually did a really good job with initial containment on the situation and eventually our members responded and took over," he said.

"We had our negotiator team respond and they were able to work through their tactics to eventually get the subject to surrender."

He said there was no impact on members of the public who were in the building.

"It was contained to a cell area within the courthouse and didn't affect operations within the courthouse or safety whatsoever."

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