05/22/2013 01:24 EDT

The Most Popular Travel Destinations According To TripAdvisor Users (PHOTOS)

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Summer is coming and with that comes the time to make those travel plans a reality. But for those hoping to cross off a few European destinations on that bucket list, you're not alone.

Yes, like the prom queen or the captain of the football team you knew back in high school, Paris has been voted as the world's most popular travel spot according to TripAdvisor's annual travelers' choice destination awards. The 2013 ranking of what the website calls "the world's best travel spots", ranked 412 destinations around the world and took the top 25 based off the feedback and ratings of travelers who frequent the site.

Dethroning last year's champion, London, was none other than the City of Light. While Paris took the top spot according to voters, London dropped down to third. Closer to home, New York City held onto second place while San Francisco dropped two spots from last year's ranking to seventh.

"New York City continues to be an attractive draw for people from all around the world. The city’s unique energy, excitement and diversity are all reasons why visitors are continually drawn to the five boroughs year after year,” said NYC & Company’s CEO George Fertitta in a statement.

While it's always a nice ego boost to be the popular kid (or city in this case), that doesn't always mean it's a good thing for everyone else. Travellers looking to avoid the crowds or for a unique travel opportunity probably won't find it in these destinations. And hey, at the very least, the gallery below might explain why your Facebook feed seems to be flooded with photos of Europe right now.

Meet The World's Most Popular Destinations According To TripAdvisor Users.

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