05/22/2013 03:59 EDT

Paris Jackson Hair: Michael Jackson's Daughter Shows Off Orange Locks (PHOTO)

Paris Jackson has inherited dad Michael Jackson's flair for fashion.

The 15-year-old was spotted wearing her new orange locks, which sported hints of blond at the tips, while out on a coffee run in California on Tuesday.

Paris, who loves to share her ever-changing look on Twitter, chopped off her hair into a dramatic short 'do à la Miley Cyrus last year and dyed it raven black later on.

But her new ginger hue may have been an accident. Jackson tweeted in early May:

"ohmygod i look like ron weasely idk if this is awesome or not."

Ron Weasley, for those who don't know their Harry Potter, was part of a family full of ginger-haired wizards.

Although Paris isn't attending Hogwards, she may be moving in with a another member of her family, her mother Debbie Rowe. (Although sources say these reports are not true).

Either way, Paris seems to be a happy teen.

What do you think of her hair?

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